5 September 2007

Rock at Arunachala

Below in the words of Nithyananda, his realisation experience at Pavala Kunru (what is now the controversial site)on Arunachala.

“I had my first spiritual experience at the age of twelve. Let me describe the incident to you. I was sitting on a rock, locally called Pavazha Kundru (the Holy Rock) on the Arunachala Hill and meditating. I was meditating for a long time that day. I was looking into myself to see where thoughts were coming from. I was actually playing with this technique, when a strange experience happened. It was on the Buddha Purnima day (full moon day) in the month of Vaikasi (May-June as per the Tamil calendar), and evening sunset period.

In the midst of his meditation, I felt something opening up within me, something was getting crushed, something else was getting created. It was like a vessel inside getting broken and a door opening, both together at the same time. It was a feeling of creation and destruction at the same time; and a very pleasurable feeling.

Even with my eyes closed, I could see all around. I did not need my eyes to be open to see. Not just that, I had a 360-degree vision with my eyes closed. With equal clarity, I could see the hill in front, the temple behind, the rock below, the stars above, the trees to the left, part of the hill to the right, all these were in my visionary field, without having to open my eyes!

At that moment, I awakened to the realization that I was one with the whole of Existence and everything was I! It was like this tree in front of me became my bone and this thatch above became my nerves!

How did this happen? What made me have such a strong experience of samadhi? There are many others who are also doing the same meditation, of seeing where the thoughts arise from, but why don't they have such experiences? The reason is, I was so inspired by the masters, that I was living like them! Because of that, my consciousness was ripe and ready for such an experience.”

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