26 October 2007

Arunachala Newsletter, November 2007

The November issue of Arunachala Grace News will be sent direct to inboxes within the next few days. If you are not already a subscriber to this Arunachala Newsletter, you can sign up for free at the left hand column of this blog. This month we have the second part of information on Adiannamalai Temple and news on Arunachala Kattu Siva Plantation's efforts to get parts of Arunachala designated a National Park. In this November issue we also describe some of the legends associated with the upcoming Tamil festival of Deepam. As well as poems, Arunachala tidbits, inspiration and a short story about a jewelled begging bowl entitled 'The Sage and the Thief', we also have interesting narratives on the indigenous Peacock and the Bael Tree.

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