16 October 2007

My Kids

For absolutely no reason other than these little angels are my pride and joy, here is my family.

Three brothers (left to right; Casper, Oscar, Wally) with matching jaunty, genetically flawed left floppy ears, that make them look like they have just returned from a night on the town. The little princess (green collar) in the front, is Holly.

The newest addition to our family is Muffin, a labrador type (?), who spends his days following and grovelling at the feet (paws!?) of the little princess Holly.


Eileen said...

Adorable!! I love seeing your cute and REALLY happy looking kids. They are SO SO lucky to have you as their doting Mum!

Arunachala Living said...

Well I have to admit that three of the boys have put on weight since I took these snaps. Our local vet, Dr. Pushpa calls them 'the fatty boys' - which although true, I feel is a little harsh. I have now put them on a 'no white food diet' - which means no white rice, white bread or processed food. Just tuck into that red rice my little ducklings.

Divya said...

Hmm sounds expensive. The dogs at Karuna Society get loads of white rice and some of them are chunky, some skinny (same amount of food). I think they have metabolism issues just like humans!