1 October 2007

New Times

Images representing the changing face of Tiruvannamalai. The below series of photographs are of the construction of a temporary structure for an upcoming political rally to be held in this area.

The last such event we had in this area was of a large political rally some years back. At that time a huge temporary roofed structure was erected at the grounds of the local Arts College. But in that case it was all done by hand and made of bamboo.

In the below a different sort of crew from before is taking a rest before continuing with their work.

Somehow the pre-machinery people-friendly days of before seem much more attractive!


arvind said...

One only hopes & prays that they take it down after the rally. And clean up the mess such functions usually leave behind.

regards ..

Arunachala Living said...

I will check the area out after the function is over. But am sure that the structure will get cleared - main reason is that although this is empty land - it is next to the Arts College of the Chengam Road and used by buses and coaches for parking during Poornima.