15 October 2007

Pack that Bike!

Information from Chennai reports that the NEW compulsory helmet regulations for a motorcycle driver, are being sporadically enforced. However, at this time, there is no legal necessity for passengers to wear helmets and in fact there is no legal compulsion to restrict the number on the motorcyle to a measly two. In what seems almost like a homage to the mad days of the record breaking ‘how many college students can fit into a telephone kiosk?’, it appears that the newest fad in Tiruvannamalai is, ‘how many people can fit onto a moving motorcyle?’

In the above photograph a small effort has been made to fit four well sized people onto a motorcycle, but the number is certainly not a record. We can definitely do better than that!


Divya said...

The culture certainly plays a BIG part in such habits. If family members or friends want a lift, it is simply unthinkable to say NO, no matter how many are already on board for the ride!

Arunachala Living said...

That's true - but what I find really funny is that the legislation covers the motorcyle driver wearing a helmet but DOES NOT REGULATE how many people can legally be on the vehicle.