13 October 2007

Sorry for the silence

Dear readers of Arunachala Grace, I have been busy accumulating lots of interesting stories and news of Arunachala which sadly, due to problems with my internet connection at home, have not been able to post. Today I came into town (i.e. Ramana Nagar, Tiruvannamalai) to an internet facility to upload information onto this Blog, but none of the photographs successfully uploaded. So I suppose its a matter of waiting a couple of more days (until my connection at home is working again) so I can nicely update this Blog. Lots of very interesting information and news to report, some great photographs and also a very nice home movie entitled "Arunachala Pilgrims". So please check back in a couple of days.


arvind said...

missed you !


Arunachala Living said...

Thats so sweet Arvind, thanks.