16 October 2007

Swimming - a Poem

[by Stephanie Sharon]

I am the ocean
That can only be itself.
Deep, ever present,
With waves that have no destination or purpose.
Dive deep and drown in my sacred water.
Leave your memory on the shore...
It serves no useful purpose.

Stripped naked of concepts,
My current will dissolve whatever's left of you.
So what if you've never been a swimmer?
Trust in your own buoyancy.
But be careful not to rest long in it
Or claim it as an achievement.
Just let yourself finally drown
And fulfill your human purpose.

What use has this sense of "I" ever been to you
Except to create the illusion of separation?
In truth, you've always been submerged in my ebb and flow,
Dreaming of the further shore.

Some try to describe me as everything.
Others claim I'm nothingness.
Don't believe a word of it, it's all hearsay.
Find out for yourself. Seek your own origin.
Beyond the womb of your barren mother,
Transcending all holy books and rumors of time.

Don't believe anything you can see
But trust everything you can feel
That can't be linked to words.
Celebrate your death
For I am the ocean
That can only be itself.

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