18 November 2007

Dig Away Please!

Apart from this evening and a rainy downpour, the weather this last week has been gorgeous - almost like early morning on a Summer's day. Taking advantage of the great weather my 5 dogs and I have been going on early morning walks at Samudram Lake. But actually Samudram currently is no lake at all because of the little rainfall this season. Generally the natural water reservoir fills up during the rainy season and slowly dries up through Summer. This time last year there was already heavy flooding in the land shown in the photographs.

Below is muffin playing in the soft, marshy grass which lies at the edge of a large pond, which is the remains of last year's Lake Samudram. This time last year my puppy would have been a couple of feet underwater - hold your breath little doggy!

Well this is a sight that gladdens my heart. I suppose these men have official permission, otherwise they would be taking the dirt (which is used for construction) in the middle of the night. The Lake is around 700 acres of unspoilt, undeveloped land that is a natural catchment area in rainy season for water pouring off the mountain and surrounding land. Digging out the land and making the lakebed even deeper, just means it will get more flooded and even more impossible for greedy land speculators to persuade politicians to change its status from Poramboke Land (Government) to Patta Land (privately held).

Dig away - please!

The below photo is of four of my dogs, 3 boys standing on the highground, and the little one lower down is the girl Holly.

And no.5 is Wally.

The below photograph is of one of the 'heroes' posing for my camera. Well done Mister!

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Divya said...

Such healthy, handsome kids you have! They are strong and muscular but definitely nowhere near chubby - nope! And less water is sad for the ground but good for your house I guess, less muddy paw prints to clean up! Haha!