5 November 2007

Hanuman; Monkey God

Like Lord Ganesha, Hanuman; The Monkey God, is loved in a special, tender way, by children and adults alike. To find out more about Hanuman check this link. This is a particularly significant time for Lord Hanuman as he figures prominently in the mythology of Lord Rama's battle with the Demon King Ravana, a story relevant considering the upcoming Diwali Festival of November 8th.

Below an actor dressed up as Hanuman and going from place to place around Tiruvannamalai for donations.

Great outfit and makeup!

Also in keeping with the theme of monkeys, below a sweet old chap of around 15 years of age, who was recently attacked by dogs and is now recovering at the local Tiruvannamalai Animal Shelter.

The monkey has been rejected by his own group and is just too old and slow to keep safe by himself, so the Shelter is trying to find a nice, loving sanctuary at which he can enjoy his old age. Sadly a home was found for him at an Animal Shelter at Nilgris, but at the last moment it was decided that as Nilgris is located at a considerably higher altitude it would be just too cold and damp for a monkey who has spent its entire life enjoying the sunny climes of Tiruvannamalai. I will continue to post updates on our little monkey friend.

However, I would mention that today, I spent about 15 minutes at the Animal Shelter and while talking with the Shelter's Founder, watched our caged monkey and even though he is very cramped for space, he seemed very peaceful and content. He certainly has lots of people and animal friends chatting, playing, talking and petting him.


CrippLeD SaM said...

|| Om Shri Hanumate Namah: ||

Thank You for this very nice Homepage.

Those Wikipedi-Guys deleted the half of the Articles.... not only Hanuman, but even more! I do not trust Wikipedia anymore.

Some Versions of Hanuman Chalisa, Hanuman Mantra Jaap Mala, Bajrang Baan and more Mp3's can be downloaded at:


YouRs SinCereLy M!sTer CrippLeD SaM

Divya said...

I feel so sorry for the monkeys in cages. :-( I hope a place will be found for him soon.

Arunachala Living said...

The monkey is really old and is in the cage healing from the last time he was attacked by dogs. I don't approve of caged animals - but in this instance, letting the monkey heal safely while looking for a home for him - is definitely the best thing for him.