9 November 2007

Jewellery Maker, Designer

The below photograph is of Ramesh, a local man, who as well as having a small jewellers shop in Tiruvannamalai, also makes jewellery for the idols of many of the Temples at Tiruvannamalai, including Arunachaleswarar Temple.

The below photographs are examples of his work, which include ornaments he has made of both precious stones set in gold or silver, and also costume jewellery.

Ramesh concentrates mostly on making jewellery for Amman Idols and decorating the Goddess and Her Shrines, but occasionally he decorates other Gods. The below photograph is of Sri Venkateshwarar (Balaji). Ramesh made alot of the ornaments, and also dressed and displayed the idol.

The next series of photographs are of Amman, which seems very appropriate at this Diwali time of year!

Ramesh also designs themes for the Gods, as in the below forest scene.

I will be writing more about Ramesh in the upcoming Arunachala Grace News, December issue, which will be sent out at the end of this month. So if you don't already have a free subscription of the Newsletter, please sign up at the left hand margin of this Blog.


Divya said...

Just imagine a life of making gorgeous, colorful jewelery for the gods!

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Princess Haiku said...

These are beautiful.