5 November 2007

Malaria in Tamil Nadu

Apologies to those who I have told malaria is not a problem in Tiruvannamalai. In this respect the current malaria report for Tamil Nadu, is as follows:

Incidences of malaria have drastically reduced in Tamil Nadu over the years, with Chennai accounting for almost 63% of cases. From 1995-2000, Chennai accounted for 59% of the total malaria cases in the State, while Municipalities in urban localities accounted for 10%. Similarly, Chennai had 70% of the case load during 2001-05 and urban Municipalities 6%. In the last 3 years, the incidence of malaria, has reduced in Tamil Nadu from almost 39,676 cases in 2005 to 8,924 in 2007 (till August). Malaria in Tamil Nadu is an urban and not a rural problem and since 1995, rural areas have accounted for only 30% of the State’s total cases.

After Chennai, the incidence of malaria is high in Dharmapuri, Rameswaram, Tiruvannamalai, Salem, Erode and Krishnagiri. The Public Health Department has mobilised additional workers (bringing the total number of staff to 3,800) to control mosquito breeding.


Divya said...

Hopefully the many efforts will pay off and malaria will become less and less.

Ravindra. P said...

can you provide me the statistical data of malarial case in different district of tamilnadu? It is recorded in malaria survivalance unit of each district and recorded at the capital. if you get the details please drop the mail to vijiravindra@gmail.com.

if anybody else who is reading this message have the data please forward the same to me

thanking you in advance