26 December 2007

Christmas at Animal Shelter

On Christmas Day I visited the Animal Shelter, where as well as receiving a very large piece of cake, was also able to visit with lots of animal friends. What better way to spend such a special day?

The dear monkey at the Animal Shelter still remains, as the necessary paperwork to send him to a secure facility at Bangalore has still not been processed. As the monkey was getting bored and squashed in his tiny cage, the Shelter got a special enclosure made for him - which although is far from perfect is a HUGE improvement from his previous cramped quarters.

And here is Raja, one of the lads working at the Shelter feeding dear monkey with a nice vegetable snack. You might notice the little monkey friend behind Raja!

Monkey has to go slowly with his food as, due to old age, he doesn't have many teeth left - which is one of the reasons he was so vunerable to attack in the outside world.

At the front desk one little puppy recent arrival ontop the table and two snoozy dogs tucked up under the table.

The below dog was confiscated yesterday from its owner because of neglect. The owner kept the dog tied on a short chain 24-7 to act as a guard dog. Dr. Pushpa (the lady vet) thinks it will take at least a month for the dog to start acting and feeling normal.

Below is Dr. Pushpa examining the pet of the man in the check shirt. He brought the dog from the other side of Tiruvannamalai, thereby bypassing the Government Animal Hospital - even without advertising the great reputation of this Animal Sanctuary continues to grow.

The puppy on the left was picked up off the road just a few moments ago. It was so nervous that it was shaking. So in it goes into its nice bed with a new puppy friend.

After visiting some of the dog compounds, I walked around the small facility and noticed how beautiful it looked now that the trees and plants are doing so well.

And ever in the background is Arunachala - a more brilliant location just could not be found. No wonder the Shelter is doing so well - as its living in the shadow of the Lord.

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Divya said...

Thanks so much for the beautiful photos and personal stories of the animals!