6 December 2007

Gecko Incidents

I suspect the sort of gecko (type of lizard) commonplace in India is also found in many countries throughout the world. I made an earlier posting about the nature of geckos and the amazing “Van Der Waals Forces” which is the atomic force that allows geckos to stick upside down to walls. For more on this read posting.

There are may geckos resident in my home and very nice they are too – with their scampering about, charming click-click noises, and also their talent of ridding my house of undesirable termite pests. Maybe its because they are left undisturbed to roam about at will that suddenly I am experiencing an explosion of ‘gecko incidents’ in my home.

A gecko on my wall

A couple of weeks ago a gecko fell into the water-filled kitchen sink. The poor little thing got the fright of his life. After rescuing the drenched and spluttering creature from the water I placed him on the counter and performed the life-saving technique of pushing his little chest in and out with my finger. Well it seemed to work and gradually he started to revive and after time I left him on the counter on a clean cloth to allow him to recover in his own time. When I next looked the gecko was gone, hopefully to resume a less accident prone life.

Last night I found a gecko stuck in a puddle of sunflower oil under the stove. It was really sad to see such a tiny little thing with wee arms and legs stuck to his oily sides. After carefully taking him out of the oil and patting him down gently with clean cotton cloths, there was really nothing else I could do but hope that somehow he would make a recovery.

This evening I noticed a large piece of fluff on the floor. On investigation I found my gecko from the night before with his little still slightly oily body covered with fluff and lint from floor and furniture. Although he seems to be in a better condition he is obviously in no fit shape to navigate the perilous world on his own. Presently our friend is swaddled in cotton in a large, lidded plastic sandwich box awaiting the morning and off to the animal hospital with him. We love our geckos!

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Divya said...

Such cute stories! And yes, we love our geckos! I remember I had a lot of them clinging to my walls too, in my Parthi apartment. Sometimes I would see a rush of tiny itty bitty baby geckos and would watch them grow bigger and bigger. I knew they were eating little pests so was happy to keep them around!