18 December 2007

Lee Lozowick

The below photograph is of the late great sage Yogi Ramsuratkumar and his devotee Lee Lozowick. Even though his Master is now deceased, Lee still yearly visits Tiruvannamalai and stays for several days, at which time he makes himself available at open meetings held at his facility 'Triveni'. Probably out of all the sages, gurus and spiritual teachers who visit Arunachala, Lee is the most amusing and provocative. In a famous book entitled 'Holy Madness', the writer Georg Feuerstein dedicates a chapter to this fascinating character.

A sample of some of his beliefs and teaching:
"You'll always have passion if you have beginner's mind. If your passion starts to die, it won't be because of your spiritual work, your friends, your lover, or because of life's down times. Your passion will die because you have bought -- hook, line, and sinker -- an attitude that was sold to you by your parents, your school teachers, and this society. You've bought the attitude that you've got to look like that Playgirl man (if you're a man) or that Playboy woman (if you're a woman). You think you've got to be cool and cultured, that you've got to dress right and smell like the corporate world wants you to smell. If your passion dies it will be because you've bought that appearances are everything, including the appearance of your worldview, politics, opinions, and beliefs.

To ultimately "make it" in this Work of Awakening, of Transformation, you have to embrace the miraculous -- always. And that miracle is you being so much at peace with yourself that you can turn your energy towards welcoming and using the opportunities that are always falling into your lap. To embrace and devour these opportunities will make you free, happy, full of life, full of passion. Then your circumstances won't affect you so dramatically."

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lostsoul said...

Are we aware that Lee Lozowick has died?
I dont know if there will be a public statement of any kind from the Hohm Community. A special Tawagoto perhaps. I believe the M. Young biography is scheduled to come out in June, at least the first volume. I dont know if a successor exists for leading the Community and at the Ashram, or how the Press will continue, or if Purna's group will now have a different relationship to Prescott. I know nothing about these issues. I only know my own life, both inner and outer, feels different now. Not sad exactly and I dont believe Lee would have wanted anything resembling sadness. More like there is a new gravitational force in the world, a different alignment of energy. A replacing of the poles. We are somehow lighter and somehow heavier, and more than ever we can only feel that there is never any time to waste and that the Work belongs to us and we belong to it. jai guru is all there is left to say. jai guru. jai guru.

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Dear Friend: I was just thinking of Lee Lozowick this morning. And yes, sadly, I am aware that he died recently after several years of battling cancer. Thank you for calling my attention to the absence of information on Lee, and I will endeavour to gather information and post it on Arunachala Grace this week.