31 December 2007

Mother Meera to visit Tiruvannamalai

Mother Meera will visit South-India beginning 2008 and give Darshans between 13th January to 21st February at her Ashram in Madanapalle. She will be in Tiruvannamalai on January 10th for one Darshan, which is expected to be held at Meenakshi Kalyana Mandapam starting 6 p.m.

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M.M. said...

Mother Meera will be in Tiruvannamalai to give Darshan on November 13th 2008. Darshan starts at 7pm. I am not sure about the exact location yet, but it is usually at the Meenakshi Kalyana Mandapam, at the Pradakshina Road, near the main temple. Kamakshi Temple is nearby. There will be local posters. From the 16th -28th Mother will be in Madanapalle, in Andhra Pradesh.