26 December 2007

Rapid Urbanisation Poll

In the previous Arunachala Grace poll, a question was asked:

"There have been unsuccessful attempts to get Arunachala designated a National/World Heritage site, thereby protecting it from unbridled expansion. But commercial and private interests have been and still remain too strong to prevent the rapid urbanisation/development of this area. But exactly who should decide upon these essential issues?"

The poll (which is now closed) offered the reader multiple choice answers. 25% of respondents felt the Municipality should be in charge of decision-making re development of Tiruvannamalai, approximately an equal number of voters thought that decisions should be taken by land owners and local residents. 41% of respondents prefer to see an elected Committee in charge of development decisions with the largest number of those polled, i.e. 45% prefer leaving important matters regarding development of the area to Ashrams and Temples.

1 comment:

Divya said...

I didn't know what to vote on this one - which group would have a fair, unsullied inkling to do what's good for Tiru instead of cater to special interest groups?