31 January 2008

Mysterious Neem Tree

On Tuesday this week was in Ramana Ashram bookshop when I overhead a couple of folk talk about the 'milk' from a Neem tree. A couple of hours later at Ramana Ashram Library, JJ (J. Jayaraman) the Librarian, asked me whether I had yet gone to visit the mysterious Neem Tree. Well it was all too fascinating and as soon as I had finished my work at the Library, headed of for the Gokulam at Ramana Ashram.

Arrived at the pretty Gokulam at the back of Ramana Ashram and headed for the much discussed Neem Tree.

And here it is, exuding some strange kind of white liquid - which is not the colour of Neem sap - and also the tree has been exuding for nearly three days. Frankly, people are rather perplexed by the strange phenomenon of this 20 year old tree. What is going on? Certainly ashramites are regularly visiting the tree and some are taking little drops of the exude, in the form of a kind of prasad.

In the next photograph the tree with Arunachala in the background.

And the last photograph of the series, the curious exuding Neem tree in closeup.

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