17 January 2008

A Quiet Lull

Have not been posting regularly on Arunachala Grace mainly due to lots of work at home. Things finally seem to be settling down and hope to give lots of great 'new' information about whats happening at Arunachala and Tiruvannamalai. In this respect I still have photographs of Deepam to post and lots of fascinating material about Pongal and different Temple Festivities such as "Tiruvoodal" associated with the the fourth day of Pongal. Also nice photos of the cow worship performed at the dairy next to my home. The function of East-West Jazz Fusion entitled 'Ramana Rocks' and held at Ramanashram and 'Arunai Rocks' held at the Hotel Arunai Anantha were a HUGE SUCCESS. I have been promised video footage of parts of the performance, so hope to soon post that on the VideoPod on this Blog. Busy Times. So keep checking back. And HAPPY PONGAL TO YOU ALL.

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