6 February 2008

Funny House

This funny little house is a real head turner. It is located at the back of Kubera Lingam, and seems wonderfully bizarre. What happened? Is it some kind of strange joke? How is it possible that the construction has advanced to this point, without anybody seemingly to notice that it definitely is not safe or in anyway fit for habitation?

Such tiny little columns to bear the weight of such a chunky house - how is it possible?

Now would you feel safe walking up this flight of stairs?

The below photograph shows the funny house in all its strange glory. But the scariest thing of all is that the reed bars on the top of the house, indicate that the builders intend going up another floor. Tell me it isn't true?


Eileen said...

Oh boy! I saw a lot of jungley dwellings and half-baked construction sitting around for years, but this one takes the cake. Haha! Let's hope that funds will NOT come through to finish it and that no one will ever live there. It definitely does NOT look safe!

Sanjay said...

These are all house picture oh boy i say al lot of jungley dwellings and half .