19 February 2008

Sparsa Hotel Update

Stopped by Sparsa, Tiruvannamalai, the luxury hotel of the area, to see whether the Hotel is fully finished. Well, no it isn't but its getting there.

The theme of the hotel is eco-heritage and throughout the complex both granite and thatched has been used extensively.

In the next photograph are the accommodation cottages - 2 rooms upstairs and 2 downstairs of each cottage with all rooms facing Arunachala.

The Kashmiri gift shop is already open for business.

On the right are reception, ayurveda centre, and health club. The shops on the left; a flower shop and a tea/coffee bar. The big building at the end is the restaurant with conference room upstairs.

The standard room, the theme of which is repeated in all accommodation units.

The entrance to the bathroom - with a very nice sink, which I think would look very nice in my own home - hmmm!

The swimming pool, with Arunachala in the background obscured by a young tree. The upstairs will be used for out-of-door functions.

A better view of the swimming pool. The logo in the centre is a 'fingerprint' and is repeated throughout the Hotel. The word 'Sparsa', is Sanksrit for 'touch' of which the fingerprint represents.

The next photograph is of the health club, which is still being equipped and organised. But nearly there.

The restaurant, will be open 24 hours a day with seating capacity for 48. I ate there on Christmas Eve and very nice it was too.

A view of Arunachala from the Hotel compound.

The accommodation units are distinctively two storey, with red facade. Most of the other buildings encompassing shops, administration etc., are single storey structures.

The landscaping is going very well and I noticed that the grass was laid in long, wide strips like carpet - the painless gardening method. Wonder what everything is going to look like after 3-4 months of the scorching summer heat - probably green will turn to brown!
These nifty old fashioned motor scooters are available for rent to Hotel guests.

There are several areas that need to be completed, the ayurveda centre and health club are not yet open and more landscaping work waits. But so far, so good, and everything looks fine. If you want more information about this Hotel you can get in touch at: arunachalana dot fastmail dot com

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