19 February 2008

That Electric Supply!

There has been very little in the way of information and/or updates on Arunachala Grace for a while due to the combined circumstances of suspect electric supply, improvements to my house and the introduction of a new dog into the family that we have adopted from our local Animal Shelter. The dog is a very nice German Shepherd (Alastian) we have named Victor (much more about him in later posts).

On the electric front, the problem has been a dangerous and highly erratic electricity supply - so much so, that having the computer on was a nerve wracking experience. Well, everything came to a head one evening last week when in this area for the whole evening 440 current was passed through lines meant for 220 – consequently LOTS of blown T.V.s, lights, fridges etc. in the neighbourhood. On the night it happened, I fortunately had my computer off, but lots of other electric items in my home got 'fried'.

Happily the Electricity Board seems to have recitied the problem, so hopefully from now on computer access in this area will be simpler and safer.

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