3 March 2008

Daily Routine

As mentioned in an early post, I am off to Rangammal Hospital each morning to have my bad foot (stricken with cellulitis), examined and dressed. Today was Day 5 of the programme, and although the whole thing is beginning to get tedious - no choice but to hang in there. At least the Hospital is friendly and the staff well trained, cheerful and very courteous.

In the below photograph is Staff Nurse Mary who generally administers my injections and changes the dressing on my foot. She has been working with Slyvia Wright (the founder of Rangammal Hospital) for 25 years, making Mary one of the longest serving employees of the Hospital. As a special treat for her long service, Slyvia took Mary on a one-month trip to the U.K. last year. Now thats a nice reward!

After getting my dressing changed I head for the hospital canteen, where I have morning tea and tiffin, like idli, pongal or vadai. No messing around at this hospital with such pretend Hospital food like jello! Bring on those chillies!

After a nice hot tea and tiffin, I generally head over to the Hospital quiet space, which is a very lovely chapel, which welcomes people of all religions.

I leave the chapel and head towards the parking lot and pass the courtyard which is fringed with private wards. And in the middle of the courtyard, is a beautiful statue of Lady Mary.

To my right is the statue of Lady Mary and to my left is the doorway to Hospital Admissions, on top of which is a well known photograph of Sri Ramana Maharshi.

Rangammal Hospital, a very peaceful spot, where the emnity and tensions of the 'world' seem far, far away.


arvind said...

Sorry to hear of the foot-trouble. Hope you recover soon.

Divya said...

Glad you had such wonderful environs to visit during your foot woes! I feel like running to Tiruvannamalai myself now. What a difference from the empty cement jungles here in USA. :-(

Anonymous said...

Sylwia Mary wright is wonderful lady, she is the best one in Tiruvannamalai, no one can touch her role & service. i was enjoyed with her, i know her good helping character, good service. So many childrens are living under her care, that why i'm telling she is the best. We just help one person or giving some money only, but she gives her life to many people. I defenitely tell you to anybody she is god's gift to Tiruvannamalai.