11 March 2008

House Gecko

My home is frequented by lots of friendly inhouse guests. The below sequence of photographs are of some geckos who have decided one of my windows is the absolutely best place for them to set up their nursery.

They have been incredibly smart in selecting a safe spot for their nest and child rearing duties. Behind the closed window shutter of the below photograph is the gecko nest.

I keep the shutter closed so as to not disturb the gecko family - but quickly open it to photograph the gecko nest which is sandwiched with the shutter on one side and mosquito wire mesh on the other. Very smart!

This is the view from outside the window - and you can see the wire mosquito screen protecting the nest from predators - and there are plenty of them around. There is a nest of young rats in the garden, lots of Indian squirrels and the occasional python that comes to visit from the nearby Samudram Lake.

In the below photograph you can see how the clever gecko parents get in and out from their nest. They slip out through a small gap between the door and the metal security gate which is open when I am at home. I have noticed that one of the parents often is guarding the opening and protecting the nest from unwelcome visitors.

And proof of just how interested the local predators are in the gecko youngsters is this view of some serious wood chewing by either the rats or squirrels trying to bore their way into the nest.

Good job geckos!

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