19 May 2008

Happy Buddha Poornima

Dear Arunachala Friends:

Sorry for the long absence in postings but life has been hectic and unpredictable the last couple of months. It all began with a snake bite which I received while taking my doggies out on Samudram Erie for their nightly walk and led to me receiving Hospital outpatient treatment for over a month. Once that started getting better, I had the rather unfortunate event occur of my bamboo roof being completely blown off my roof during evening gale force winds. Winds that have been so fierce and violent that in some areas, even electric posts have been uprooted. Unfortunately my nice, expensive new bamboo roof on its way off was responsible for a fair amount of damage to the structure of the roof. Oh well!Lets get that bad karma out of the way in one go!

Within the next few days I hope to be back posting regularly. And also plan on sending out the monthly newsletter for June, albeit it may be a few days late.

One good thing is that I have spent the last few 'quite' weeks thinking about Arunachala Grace and the possibilities of new areas that would be interesting to explore on certain aspects of the Hill. So look forward to sharing results of my research with you all.

In the meantime may you all receive Love and Light this Blessed Buddha Poornima (Wesak) time. Back soon. Yours, Meenakshi Ammal


Anonymous said...

Hopefully everything is fine with you. Keep up the good work.

Eileen said...

Sorry about that pesky karma hitting you all at once (like it usually does!). Glad you made the best of it and here's to smooth sailing now!

ana ma roopa said...

that's ok, the more the spotlight is removed from tiruvannamalai the better. articles from indian writers, like the one this past year in the indian express about how terrible it has become are ok, though. the word has spread to ramana devotees in chennai and bangalore, and there is one common emotion, sadness. do your part to change that as much as you can, please.

A. Jayanthi said...

To Ana Ma Roopa - you have a selfish attitude. Arunachala is not a private club for Ramana Maharshi devotees.

ana ma roopa said...

to a. jayanthi, yes, you are right, it is now a home for israeli dope smokers, lost soul backpackers, white women looking for fun with auto-rickshaw drivers, party-scene restaurants, kashmiri clothing vendors, fakes gurus and satsang business manipulators, greedy landlords, con men, lost souls who cannot function, or afford life, in their home country, real estate exploiters, pleasure seekers, trendy spiritual lifestyle consumers, and, oh, ... ramanashram