17 June 2008

Sri Nannagaru Visit

Yesterday, 16th June, Sri Nannagaru arrived at his Ashram, Sri Nannagaru Ashram, Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, Tiruvannamalai for a ten-day visit. While here he will be available to devotees and pilgrims. Early morning is a favourite time for some of Swami's devotees, and he generally gives a long darshan in the early mornings around 6 a.m.

I hadn't visited Sri Nannagaru Ashram since Swamiji's last visit, so the new structure covering the roof came as a very nice surprise - definitely feel nervous about bamboo roofs since my own flew off during gale force winds a couple of months ago!

Very nice job too, and also much more comfortable in times of rain and inclement weather.

The below photographs is of Sri Nannagaru with a photograph of his Guru, Sri Ramana Maharshi, in the background.

After a long time sitting, Swami wandered about the roof looking at Arunachala.

To find out more about this Advaitic Master, please check out his website at this link. I have also made many earlier postings on Swamiji, which you can access through the new 'search box' at the top left hand column of this page.

More information on Swami's visit to come.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It is difficult for a Sadhaka to find a guru. More so to know if he is a jnani. I live in north America and I cannot be in proximity of Sri Nanangaru and experience the peace and the Self radiating from a Sadguru.
I do not know if this is a question that you can answer, or that I can even ask.
Is Sri Nanangaru a jnani, and how can you know?
Are there devotees that have realise the Self with him?
I have read that the guru has to be a living guru, but can one have Sri Ramana as his guru although he isn't living?

Forgive these, maybe, unanswerable questions. They would be helpfull to me.

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Yes, it is an impossible question, 'Is Sri Nannagaru a jnani, and how can you know?' In response all I can say is that whatever he is, he is helping me immeasurably towards clarity in realising 'Who am I?'

My own experience is shaped by dreams given by the Divine Mother and it was she who first guided me to Sri Nannagaru 15 years ago. Since that time even though I have the occasional rebellion, in its essentials I have the utmost confidence in Sri Nannagaru.

Incidentally Sri Nannagaru himself realised without the direct intervention of a living Master. He took Sri Ramana as his guru in 1957 but never met him before his samadhi. Sri Ramana says that it is possible to realise without a master however it takes an exceptional mind for that to happen.

From what I understand there are Masters in North America -- surely your enthusiasm and sincere desire will connect you to the right guru and the peace you desire.

Anonymous said...

You said that there are Masters in North America. Do you know any?
I know there are many neo=advaitists, but I don't know of any jnanis.
Could you elaborate more on Sri Ramana that said it was possible to realise without a Master, however it takes AN EXCEPTIONAL MIND for it to happen?

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Sorry I didn't post this comment before. I will answer it more fully, especially citing the quote re Ramana and the exceptional mind - in a new posting within the next few days.

ArunachalaHeart said...

Can a pot filled with water in movement reflect the Sun properly. Even a calm waters pot has only the reflection.

What Sri Nannagaru is, is only known when the mind (pot) breaks.