18 June 2008

'Thiruvannamalai' Movie

Today at Kumbakonam work started on a movie directed by Perarasu and entitled ‘Thiruvannamalai”.

The director says, 'there are no sentimental scenes in the movie. It is an out and out commercial venture, but quite different'.

The story has the famous Tamil movie actor Arjun playing a local television cable operator who has a troubled relationship with politicians. The narration delves into the animosity with corrupt politicians and follows the hero's struggling path to victory. The heroine of the movie is the debutante Sania and the music composer is Deva.

It was earlier reported that in the movie the hero, Arun, would be displaying Shiva-like qualities. That may be so, but the poster of the actor is quite alarming! We wait for further developments and news of when filming will occur locally at Tiruvannamalai.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The poster is definitely a turn off for the movie. Really not nice. Can't imagine the hero and heroine running up and down the Hill. Everything about staging a Bollywood drama at Arunachala seems wrong.