19 June 2008

You couldn’t make it up!

A State Government official who tried to get a transfer through the backdoor was conned by officials in Coimbatore.

The lady wanted a transfer to her native Tiruvannamalai District, but couldn’t get it as there was a ‘price tag' for transfers in the Department. A temporary staff member working under this lady happened to be a politician's daughter and thus volunteered to help -- but for a price. The lady desperate to move back to Tiruvannamalai District, paid Rs.30,000 to the temporary worker to arrange the transfer –- but it did not materialize. Amazingly the lady asked for a refund in lieu of the failed transfer, and in fact was reimbursed Rs.20,000. Only in India would a Government official ask for reimbursement of a failed bribe – you couldn’t make it up!

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