16 July 2008

Guru Poornima

The day of full moon, in the month of Ashadh is traditionally observed as Guru Poornima. This year, that day falls on Friday, July, 2008 (1:29 p.m. in India) and celebrates the anniversary of Sage Vyasa’s birth. (Vyasa is believed to have edited the four Vedas, written the 18 Puranas, Mahabharata and Srimad Bhagavata).

Ganesha is believed to have written the Mahabharata to Veda Vyasa's dictation. When the sage asked Ganesha to write down the epic, the learned god agreed on condition that his pen should not stop moving until the story was completed. Vyasa agreed but said that Ganesha should write only if he completely understood what was dictated. So whenever Ganesha stopped to consider Vyasa's complicated compositions, the sage would use the time to compose more verses.

Spiritual Gurus are revered on this full moon day by remembering their life and teachings. And a period of 'Chaturmas' (four months) begins at this point. In the past, wandering spiritual masters and their disciples used to settle down at a place to study and discourse on the Brahma Sutras composed by Vyasa, and engage themselves in Vedantic discussions.

“Guru is understood to be the awakener of the dormant spirit of the aspirant to the consciousness of the immortal Self or God. Guru is the guide and the leader. What does the Guru say to the soul in tribulation? He exhorts: “Go within yourself and behold therein the splendour and glory of the eternal Truth. Therein resides your ultimate home of perfect release, happiness and peace. Therein find the life that never fades, that never changes, but ever blesses and sanctifies. Be in tune with that Reality, if you sincerely crave of the highest consummation of life.” It is thus the Guru awakens you, and thereafter you are always awake. This is the real conception of a Guru.”
[Swami Ramdas]

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