1 July 2008

India Water Portal

There is a new link under 'link friends' to the Blog of the India Water Portal. This is an excellent site with great information about the myriad issues of water, and will be of interest not just to Indians but to all conservation minded people.
Have in fact just been reading the India Water Portal Blog, and saw this interesting article - which is definitely the kind of faucet I need in this house.

Water-Saver Faucet with Measured Out-Flow Arrangement-Saves 60% Water

Fresh water to-day has become a precious commodity world wide. Water-saving, better utilization of water and avoiding wastage is becoming a universal concern. This New faucet, avoids inadvertent wastage during the usage of water for legitimate purpose such as washing of hands.

It is user friendly, Hygienic, Economical, Eliminates leaking taps, Made of recyclable material, and helps in the optimum use of water.

One of the basic problems with the commonly used screw-type faucet is that once the faucet is open to wet the hands, while the soap is being applied fresh water is continuously flowing down the drain without serving any purpose. As the time taken for applying soap constitutes more than 60% of the time in a normal hand washing cycle it can be easily understood that a large quantity of water is going to waste inadvertently. Apart from this screw-type faucet can continuously waste water if they are left open due to carelessness etc.

To continue reading this article, go to this link here.

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Sandra Owens said...

I already checked out the recommended site, its great.