9 July 2008

Latest on Thiruvannamalai movie

The masala movie Thiruvannamalai, is currently being filmed in other parts of Tamil Nadu. Shooting of the movie will eventually take place in this area. In the meantime, current news on the movie as below. If you are interested in seeing stills from the movie,
go to this link here. [I warn you, they don't look so great!]

Speaking about the currently in production movie, Thiruvannamalai, Director Perarasu says:

Thiruvannamalai will be a commercial entertainer with punch dialogues and mass masala elements. Every man has got problems and for many they are of their own makings. Thiruvannamalai is the story of a confident youth, who fights against evils in society and emerges triumphant. It is not a just an action film but a new attempt too”.

The Director is also handling law and order problems, rowdy activities and the evils of politics. He says, “Since the title is Thiruvannamalai, there are loads of spiritualism in the script as well.” [I like his enthusiasm in this part].

Actor, Arjun plays a cable TV operator, while the heroine Sania Vakil plays an advocate.

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