6 August 2008

Ashram Library

A popular spot to spend time at Tiruvannamalai is Ramana Ashram library which is located in the Moorvi Compound across the road from Ramana Ashram. Lots of fascinating spiritual tomes as well as the usual collection of contemporary and classical literature - also several shelves filled with books in languages other than Tamil and English. Also a magazine-stocked reading section.

The photograph below is of J. Jayaram, the very learned and interesting Librarian of the Ashram, who is a writer, musician and an authority on lots of spiritual topics.

There is even a kiddie section at the library.

As well as lots of great books, another stand-out feature of the Library is its fantastic view of Arunachala. I took the below photograph from a library window - it just doesn't get much better than this.

Outside the library there is well maintained compound full of large, leafy trees and creepers. The below is a Rangoon Creeper, which has quickly climbed to the roof the Library building.

Quisqualis Indica (Combretaceae family) is an evergreen, branching climber which originates from tropical Africa, Indonesia and Malaysia. It has a quick growth and can easily reach 10’ – 40’. The climber is also known as Burma Creeper, Chinese Honeysuckle or Rangoon Creeper. The name Quisqualis comes from the Latin quis, "who", and qualis, "what" and was given by an early botanist (Rumphius) as an expression of his surprise at the variability of the plant’s growth and flower colour.

The plant which just loves hot, sunny days, is a freely branching perennial climber with lush lustrous green foliage and pendant clusters of pink, red or white flowers throughout much of the growing season. Rangoon Creeper has an overwhelming, sweet night-time fragrance, which is so captivating that writing this has prompted me to plan on planting it in my own garden.


Anonymous said...

Rangoon Creeper, I believe, is also known as 'Madhu Maalati' in mostly northern parts of the country.

Very nice flowers and fragrance, indeed.

Thank you :).

Anonymous said...

Yes, the scent of this flower is amazing - so sweet.

Grasshopper said...

This post took me inside the library. I remember the view of the mountain from the library, sometimes , I used to go to the library just to look at this view in the quiet ambiance.

And these flowers, they also remind me so much of Tiru.

Thank you for this post. Why don't you go to the main temple , Arunachaleshwar, and click the nandi?