20 August 2008

Swami Nithyananda Update

In the first week of August (August 1st-3rd) Swami Nithyananda visited Tiruvannamalai for a three day programme which comprised; a tree planting ceremony, question-answer talk, function at Arunachaleswarar Temple, homam at Dhyanapeetam Ashram, meditation session, Guru Puja at "Pavalakkundru", where Swamiji had his first self-realisation experience, walk to Skandashram, inauguration of the first Medical camp organized at Dhyanapeetam Ashram and night girivalam with Swami Nithyananda.

Temple Function

Homa at Dhyanapeetam Ashram

Pavalakkundru Function

For full report of visit go to this link here

Subsequent to Swami’s programme, I visited the developing Dhyanapeetam Ashram located by the side of Girivalam Pathway (across from Rajarajeshwari Temple) and was welcomed very graciously by the friendly sannyasins and sevas who man the Ashram. They told me that all are welcome to spend time at the Ashram where they can read literature and watch videos about Swami Nithyananda and his work.

The following two upcoming programmes will be available at Dhyanapeetam Ashram:

August 23rd and 24th an ASP * programme which is open to all and conducted in TAMIL.
August 23rd and 24th an NDSS (Nithyananda youth members training camp for ages 18-40 years) programme .

For registration and details for either of the above call: (0)999-45-58334 or (0)944-49-91089

Website dedicated to all Swami Nithyananda functions and events in Tamil Nadu check this site here.

* What is Ananda Spurana Program all about?

The Ananda Spurana Program (ASP) is an introductory level 2-day meditation program that works on the seven energy centers (chakras) in the human body . .

How are the ASP meditations different?

The ASP consists of a package of seven transformational meditation techniques drawn from all religions for all regions, and cognized and enriched by Swamiji's keen insight and knowledge. These meditation techniques dramatically restore the life energy; eliminate deep rooted Engraved Memories (Samskaras), thereby infusing good health and bliss. which is the innate nature of every being. These meditation techniques can be practiced by one and all and have been enriched to suit the modern man's mind and mind-set. The techniques allow the blossoming.”

Above excerpt on ASP taken from this link here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the information and links. So what happened with Pavala Kundru and the problems they had there?

Meenakshi Ammal said...

I don't know haven't heard much about that lately. Need to go and check it out soon. Will post an update when I have it.

Anonymous said...

He certainly seems to be getting famous fast. Never heard of him till about a year ago. And he is still very young.

srikanth said...

I have read some of his teachings and they very much sound like Echkart Tolle’s teachings just that Eckhart still remains common and doesn’t need a pedestal despite his soaring Popularity. Universal Truths are the same hence it’s good for his devotees if his teachings come from his Soul. Otherwise, less said better.
My only grouse is, he does not live his truth, which is reflected in his pomp and show.

Anonymous said...

dear srikanth

when we stand and watch from the periphery, we do tend to pass judgements about masters, not necessarily benefitting ourselves in any way... the grace of a master is only to be experienced... i can only say that having experienced the love, grace and compassion of paramahamsa nithyananda, let's not miss this golden chance to be with a living enlightened master, something too rare to get!

Anonymous said...

Every culture and religion have their ways of showing respect to priest/monks/swami . Maybe that is the way people in Indian culture treat holy men in their country. Take Buddhist monks for example, they are treated with similar formality in their temples and everywhere they go. But that doesn't mean that these monks are egoistic and not humble. Selflessnees, non-attachment, and egolessness are the core of their path.
Such formalities are not part of the western religion or culture, therefore it seemed very hard for a westerner to accept. This is not a factor to gauze someones authenticity. It is possible for someone to be put on the pedestal and remain totally untouched by his status .

Anonymous said...

We can also analyze this from another angle. Everyday, Paramahamsa Nithyananda heals hundreds of people with his healing touch . His very presence brings people back to the present moment so that they experience peace and joy . Many are transformed on one level or another. For this reason, many may have regarded him as divine. Indeed, he has awaken to his inner divinity and expressing it in life. But this is not for the purpose of self-aggrandizement or ego inflation. The point he is trying to convey when living and expressing the inner divinity within in life is to be a living example that we are a spiritual being having a human experience. Somewhere along the line we have forgotten our essence . Let it be an example and a reminder of our true essence as something other than the fabricated identity that we take to be " self".

Paramahamsa Nithyananda is serving as a mirror that reflects back to us our true nature. Just like in the story of the lion and the lamb, the things that he does you can learn to do also. In fact, Paramahamsa Nithyananda teaches people that they too have it within them the ability to heal. And many are beginning to use this ability to start healing others and themselves. People are led to experience their inner divinity during the various programs which he conducts around the world.

Srikanth said...

Dear Anon,
When you vouch for a saint i think it's appropriate to take a name first.
Honestly, I am not a fan of seeking identity through ones wardrobe (Saffron). In the present times, Ancient traditions, the pomp and show, pedestal are just not needed.
Any such act is purely reliving the Past which is useless.

We already see an emerging pattern where human ignorance from Egoic mind is Melting like an iceberg. We are ready to accept universal truths better, NOW than anytime earlier.

Yes, A master can remain engrossed in Self w/o caring about the pomp and show, but why in the first place encourage something from Old school?
If you job is to show the world that all are made up of one substance and we are all ONE from the levels of consciousness, sitting in a pedestal itself is Paradoxical.
After All, it's time to cut through the Fog of ancient traditions about Guru and concentrate on real stuff that is clearing the mist of Ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Dear Friend,

There is more to the process of leading people from believing in their false identity to believing and expressing their true essence than by merely saying " That art Thou" or " You are God". If that is the case then his work would be made simple. Many books have already mentioned it. There wouldn't even be a need for a living example. The fact is, if someone say" You are Divine" the majority of the population would react by saying" How can I be divine, I have so many problems in my life which I can't solve, after all I'am still afraid of this and that", etc...Then the Teacher first proves his divinity. When the Teacher proves he is divine, the diciple is able to have faith in his words. The teacher can then say "Now do you believe? You Are God!".
This is one of the techniques I believe he is using. As you can see many are experiencing his divinity. But this is not the end of the process. There comes a point where Paramahamsa Nithyananda turns around and performs worship ceremony/ "pooja" on the diciples themselves, as a way of showing that they are divine as well.

This is not to say that the same technique is meant for everyone. There are people who are head oriented, heart oriented, body oriented, and being oriented. Therefore the technique he utilizes would vary from person to person. This technique in particular, I would guess is meant for heart oriented or devotional type. If this technique doesn't click with you, perhaps you are more head oriented. I am not sure what technique he uses for that. I think for being oriented or meditative type, he simply uses Upanishad, direct transmission of the light through silent sitting.

Srikanth said...

Dear Anonymous Friend!
I find a common pattern here that Guru’s first seek an identity by following common protocol – Saffron/white Robe, Rudrasksh, Vibhudi all over their forehead, and things like dat. I firmly believe a Guru doesn’t need a pedestal these days to reveal his divinity when the human race is curious to know who they are!

I think this is time to move from the elementary step of ritualistic worship to the next level in Quest.

A Guru's divinity could be expressed by the peace he radiates among his disciples, by his Words, by his Silence and by his Gestures. All of it can be achieved by remaining common among the masses.

There’s a difference between someone saying "You are divine" and a self-realized master saying those words. If I say that, it comes from bookish knowledge where as for a self-realized master it is consciousness speaking the Truth. There’s nothing more potent and powerful than consciousness itself, after all it is everything. It can penetrate even the dullest brains and it certainly needs no elevated pedestal to capture audiences' attention.

Time will tell How Nithayananda radiates his magic. These days, Self-realization is becoming an industry of sorts, I can tell 3 Guru’s (Two males, one female) in India who have cult following but don’t inspire an iota of Self-realization to their disciples. They are engrossed in their own glory.

Then, There are real Messiahs – Saibaba of Shirdi, Meher Baba, Ramana Maharishi, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa who can radiate vibes even from their pictures. No Words, No gestures, No do-this or that.

After witnessing some procedures, I don’t have high opinions about this Guru. Two reasons, I certainly did not find any overwhelming peace from him and if I should be content reading Universal truths from someone’s textual knowledge – there are better writers - J.Krishnamurthy, Osho, Eckhart Tolle and Neale donald Walsh.

I can talk from my personal experiences, and my spiritual demands from a Guru could be different from yours. It’s Subjective. I have no malicious intent to offend him. I believe in right to free speech hence this reply.
Peace Be to all – his devotees, non-devotees and the World.
God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Hi Friend,

To be honest, growing up in the West I am not used to putting anyone on a pedestal either, and still don't. But my direct experience with Paramahamsa Nithyananda and his teachings are the main factors that convinced me about his authenticity. It is not my intention to convince you to follow P.Nithyananda, because if he is meant to be your Guru you will experience all the factors that you mentioned above about true Guru or Consciousness. I am sorry that you didn't click with him. Perhaps you will find your Guru when the time is right. Speaking from my personal experience of P. Nithyananda, even when sitting in a lecture hall full of people, it felt as if he is speaking directly at me and to me only. Every thought or questions I have, he automatically address/ response to without me ever asking a single question out loud. Two or three hours went by but it felt as if it was only thirty minutes or so. It felt as if I was listening to a sutra delivered by the Buddha himself. My questions continue to get solved and I felt guided every step of the way even after he left to India thousands of miles away. The experience of his teachings on unclutching and the beauty of purposelessness get transmitted instead of mere intellectual understanding . I 've read most spiritual books, including the books by authors you mentioned. I loved all these authors and their books greatly. The thing about book knowledge is that it is like reading a delicious restaurant menu without getting to eat the food. In other words, understanding the theories without the getting to directly experience it.

About ritualistic worship, I'am also the type that can't sit through a religious ceremony . Knowing my thoughts and my redicule of it, P.Nithyananda addressed that there are eight stages of spiritual progress, starting from ritualistic worship all the way to union/ merging with pure consciousness. Eventhough one may surpassed the first few initial stages, we still shouldn't sabotage these initial stages for others. There are those who are just starting and still need these elementary stages.

I am pretty sure there are more false Guru than just the three Gurus you mentioned. Even P.Nithyananda says, every street corner there is a Sat Guru, how can they all be true?
About the Saffron robe and the pedestal. Nithyananda Swami received received his first saffron robe when he was less than eight years old. He has been wearing a saffron robe since he left home to be a wandering saddhu at the age of 17. This shows that he is not one who dons a saffron robe recently as a stage costume.

It is true that a Guru doesn't need a pedestal to reveal his divinity. In this case, it is his state of divinity / or state of consciousness that creates the status and the pedestal as a by product. One might think that it is his pedestal that capture his audience's attention. Actually, it is the Blissful energy he radiates , the truth he transmits in Silence that captivate the audience. There need to be a resonance with the Guru, or else it will be hard for him to transmit the light of truth to you, even if it is Collective Consciousness itself speaking. If he reaches out his hand to pull a person out of a ditch, he wouldn't be able to if the other person pulls his hands away. If you didn't experience any of this with him, maybe you will meet your teacher when you are ready. Good luck on your spiritual path.

Love and Light,

Srikanth said...

I am Happy to hear that your first hand experience with Nithyananda was blissful.
God Bless,

Anonymous said...

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