22 August 2008

Thiruvannamalai - the movie

For those interested in the progress of 'Thiruvannmalai', the movie currently being shot in Tamil Nadu, the following updates are taken from this Tamil movie website.

“No one is sure about what’s so happening with heroines of Arjun’s films. First, in his film Durai, actress Padmapriya was removed and Keerath replaced her. Now, the same scenario occurs in his other film titled ‘Thiruvannamalai’ directed by Perarasu and Kavithalaya Productions churning it out. Mumbai based model Saaniya Vahilai was chosen by Perarasu to star opposite Arjun in the female lead role, he wanted to rope in a new actress with the belief that there wouldn’t any problems with the call sheets as the leading actresses do so. But things were completely different once photo shoot of Arjun and Saaniya was over. Mumbai missy didn’t give call sheets to the director and kept delaying in signing as well she was irregular and late to the shooting spot.

So, it all landed up Perarasu in the decision of changing the heroine and pursuit for the new one is going on now…”

“Director Perarasu has been rightly nicknamed "Oorarasu" as he names all his films after towns. He has to his credit "Thirupatchi", "Sivakasi", "Thirupathi" and "Dharmapuri". "Thiruvannamalai is the title of his latest film, starring Arjun and Mumbai import Sania Vakil. Pushpa Kandasamy produces this film on behalf of K. Balachander's Kavithalaya.

Perarasu is known for having sentiment and action in equal proportions in his films. But he comes out of this circle in "Thiruvannamalai". Instead of sentiment, he deals with the burning social issues that affect man's life. It revolves around politics which is getting dirtier by the day, increasing rowdyism and law and order problem. Man is dogged by a variety of problems, personal and social. In some cases man himself is a problem. How a man lives surviving these problems is the theme of "Thiruvannamalai". The film has also a liberal dose of spirituality.

Perarasu met the producer only with an outline and wrote the full story after the producer gave the go-ahead signal. Then Arjun was selected for the lead role.

Perarasu says "Thiruvannamalai" would be a new experience not only for him but also for Arjun. He is not doing it just as a commercial film. For Arjun also it is not another action film. They go beyond and make a new effort.

Arjun plays the role of a Cable TV operator. Sania Vakil is a school teacher. Karunas, who has been typecast as a comedian, is given a character role. Saikumar plays the villain.

The film is being shot in two parts - the first part in Kumbakonam and the second in Thiruvannamalai. The 'spectacular' scenes of "Girivalam", a special monthly event in Thiruvannamalai are a highlight. This mammoth procession of devotees around the hills on every full moon night, in fact, marks the story's turning point, says Perarasu. The background song 'Namma Nadai Pottuputta Veera Nadai..Nammappadai Singappadai," set to the music of Srikanth Deva, is sung by Perarasu himself.

Performing folk singers and artistes are featured in folk songs, Karagattam and Oyilattam. These songs have been recorded live.

The technical team includes Padmesh (cinematographer), 'Anal' Arasu (stunt), G.K. (Art), V. Jaishankar (editing). The story, screen and dialogue are by Perarasu.”


Malliga said...

Thanks for the movie news - really looking forward to seeing this. Wonder how much of Tiruvannamalai and Arunachala they will show?

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the parts of the town and hill they use.

V. Shanti said...

This film looks like its going to very silly - but looking forward to the shots of girivalam and Arunachala.

Hari said...

"The story, screen and dialogue are by Perarasu"
-- going by his previous releases, i'm not sure what to expect! Hope the least it does is attract more people to Thiruvannamalai :)