25 September 2008

Movie Update

The below is the latest published news on the progress of the movie 'Thiruvannamalai,' currently being filmed in Coimbatore and locally at Tiruvannamalai.

“Perarasu Turns Spiritual: Director Perarasu has written a beautiful and spiritual song which praises lord Shiva for Thiruvannamalai.

Action film specialist director Perarasu has written a very beautiful song praising lord Shiva, which makes one wonder whether he is changing from "Adhiradi Perarasu" into "Aanmiga Perarasu".

This song will be featured in his present project Thiruvannamalai, which stars Arjun and Saniya Vakil in the lead. The song goes:

“Yemmai Aalum, Ulagai Aalum EesaneVinnai Aalum, Mannai Aalum NeysaneNamashivaya, Namashivaya, Om Namashivaya”

[Translation: Shiva, you are my friend and ruler, you are the King of the Earth and King of the Universe. Om Namah Shivaya]

This song was shot entirely on the "girivala pathai" of the Thiruvannamalai temple. About two hundred real sadhus were asked to participate in this song's shoot and no junior artists were used.

Thiruvannamalai is also an action film, in which Arjun plays a cable operator at loggerheads with local politicians. Sania Vakil plays his love interest.

Stunts, which are mainstay of any Arjun starrer, have been spectacularly choreographed by Anal Arasu. Apart from writing the lyrics of a few songs and directing the film, Perarasu has also written its story, screenplay and dialogues.”

We await further news with interest.

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