5 September 2008

Arunachala Newsletter -- September, 2008

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In the September 2008 issue of Arunachala Grace News there is a narrative of the dispute between Brahma and Vishnu and information about the Navagraha Mercury, of which Vishnu is the God. In keeping with the Vishnu connection (re: Krishna Jayanti August 23rd), the Arunachala flower highlighted this month is that of the Screw Pine, which features prominently in the story of the Column of Effulgence. To mark the anniversary of Sri Ramana (September 1st), there is a narrative of his first visit to Arunachaleswarar Temple upon his arrival at Tiruvannamalai. And to celebrate Ganesha Chaturthi (September 3rd) there is an account describing three lesser known Ganesha legends.

As for the rest of Arunachala Grace News, September 2008 issue, there is a potpourri of poems, inspirational anecdotes, folk tales (this month the folk tale deals with Nasruddin and Money), Arunachala Tidbits, an update on the work of the Arunachala Kattu Siva Plantation and finally a short description on a bird found throughout Tiruvannamalai District, i.e., the Common Woodshrike.


Mark R. (US) said...

I have been reading the Newsletter each month for the last two years. Always amazed you have so much new information about Arunachala that I haven't read before. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed this month's newsletter very much.