14 September 2008

Sparsa Hotel Update

Probably the most important quality for a Tiruvannamalai Hotel, Resort or Ashram is its location and view of Arunachala Hill. In this respect the new Sparsa Hotel has a wonderful vantage point set off from the girivalam roadway.

'Sparsa' is a chain of eco-friendly resorts with the first Hotel already open here at Tiruvannamalai and with work currently in progress on additional resorts at Kanyakumari, Chidambaram and Kumily. The resorts are operated by the Auromatrix group which is an established Hotel and Resort Company.

Even though many choose to stay at Ashrams or more rustic facilities, its good that comfortable and facility-laden Hotels are becoming available here at Tiruvannamalai and thereby providing safe and luxurious amenities to both the first time visitor to India and to those wishing for greater comfort and increased security and privacy.

As the Hotel is operated by an established Hotel group the service and maintenance at Sparsa is markedly better than at other Tiruvannamalai Hotel.

Office Management


Pool and Garden Maintenance

All the facilities at the Hotel are reserved exclusively for guests except for the restaurant which welcomes visitors. Below one of the waiters is demonstrating an old fashioned curd churner.



Arunachala Grace will be maintaining a 'direct link' on this page (view the box banner on the left hand column) to Sparsa Hotel, in order to facilitate easy bookings and reservations. Also will soon be posting a slideshow montage of the Hotel and its facilities.


Veronica said...

Have you ever eaten in the Hotel restaurant Meenakshi?

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Yes I have. I had a very nice dinner there on Christmas eve when members of the staff dressed up as Santa Claus etc. It was a lot of fun.

Since then I have visited their restaurant twice for tea and snacks.The colours of the restaurant are very nice - but think that sometimes the a/c is on a little too high. But thats just my opinion and I love the heat.

Anonymous said...

I have visited the Sparsa in Feb and it is very very nice. Friends stayed there and loved it. I have had several meals there. I stayed at the Trishul, quite a different hotel but was looked after very well. The service was great and I felt safe there.

Meenakshi Ammal said...

I know the Trishul very well. Great location near the Big Temple in town. I put some friends from Canada there in 1994 and they were very happy. The Hotel has upgraded several times since then and is comfortable and (as you say) very safe.

Sad to say they now offer non-vegetarian food in addition to the vegetarian menu and also have a bar attached to the Hotel. The Trishul is a popular spot for businessmen and politicians - so hence the food and bar arrangements. Which is a bit of a turn off for some pilgrims.

However glad you enjoyed the Hotel - and you can't get closer to the Big Temple than that.

Eileen said...

Sparsa Hotel indeed looks really clean and immaculate layout!