3 October 2008

Arunachala Newsletter -- October

The October issue of Arunachala Grace News will be sent out within the next few days direct to subscribers’ email inbox. If you do not yet have a subscription please check out the ‘subscribe facility’ at the left hand column of this page.

This October issue of Arunachala Grace News has an article about the ongoing Navaratri Festival and an extract from the related Durga mythology of the slaying of the demon Mahishasura at Arunachala. As well as the usual section of Arunachala Tidbits, this October Newsletter features the Tiruvannamalai herb “Withania Somnifera” – often called the ‘Indian equivalent to Ginseng’.

The bird in this issue is the ubiquitous, noisy crow (both House Crow and Jungle Crow), and the Navagraha in this month’s Arunachala News is 'Shukra' which is identified with the planet Venus. As well as the usual pot-pourri of inspiration, poems and extracts, this month’s Newsletter also has a lively, amusing story about an Arunachala monkey called “Buddy,” from Apeetha Arunagiri who is currently associated with the reforestation programme of Arunachala Greening.


Robert Smythe said...

Have just finished reading the latest issue of Arunachala Grace News - thanks for all your hard work. The newsletter and this blog help me keep in touch with Arunachala and Tiruvannamalai.

Anonymous said...

Yes, me too enjoy the Newsletter alot - great short stories too.