28 October 2008

Diwali Distress

We are in the middle of the Diwali Festival and most of my dogs are hiding in different parts of the house, distressed by the noise of neighbourhood crackers and fireworks. We live in a sparsely populated area but even so the noise is constant, unpleasant and distressful. Its easy to see the affects on wildlife as many birds have taken shelter in our garden and other habitual visitors are noticeably absent from the area.

I feel distressed for the cows of the area who are tethered tightly on short ropes near their masters' home as they can't escape the noise of bursting fireworks being set off on the streets and lanes by neighbourbood kids. I also worry about the street neighbourhood dogs who don't have the luxury of living inside a house and consequently have nowhere to hide from the constant onslaught of noise and danger of bursting fireworks and crackers. During Diwali not only is there a huge noise pollution, but also as a result of burning chemicals of the firework - atmospheric pollution increases 5%.

So, Happy Diwali? -- well I don't know how much 'happiness' can be gained based on the torture and misfortune of so many creatures and people. I will be posting facts relating to the degree of pollution during Diwali (in this area) in upcoming weeks.

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