21 October 2008

Swami Suddhananda Ashram

I have previously written about the beautiful Suddhananda Ashram on the Adiannamalai side of the Hill.

The Suddhananda Ashram in Tiruvannamalai (which welcomes visitors) is part of the Samvit Sagar Trust, founded by Swami Suddhananada to reach out to people in all walks of life and enable them to live happily. The purpose of the Ashram is not only for imparting Self-Knowledge but also to promote Swami Suddhananda’s humanitarian vision by providing care for the under-privileged sectors of society through orphanages and educational institutions.

Swami Suddhananda

To find out more about Swami Suddhananda and his work check out this link here.

Suddhananda Words

Love for self: Everybody should love himself/herself. A garbage given to us is that loving yourself is selfish. That is rubbish. On an airplane, if the cabin pressure falls you're asked to first wear the oxygen mask and then help the child. That is not selfish, because if you want to help somebody, you must first find strength in yourself.

Happiness: Be happy, an unhappy man cannot give happiness to others. If he does, he will demand his pound of flesh.

Faith: Often, in the name of faith they ensure that your sense of self is sacrificed from childhood and your spine is broken. If you don't question god, how will you understand yourself?

Leaders: We lack real leaders; when a mob selects leaders, what kind of leaders are you creating?

Following rules: On a small road if two people ride a cycle, both will be very careful. But the moment you have four-lane highways and powerful cars, don't expect the fellow with a Ferrari to go in the last lane at slow speed. He'll go in the first lane at the fastest speed; he has both power and speed. At one point in society everybody followed rules but as more money and power came in so did decadence and degeneration. Don't expect the rich and the powerful to follow rules.

Essence of change: A small car can be made powerful by changing the engine, tyres, steering. But the driver must also change; otherwise, there will be havoc.

Yoga: Its purpose is to go into the stage of samadhi or absolute freedom. But today yoga is associated only with asana, out of the eight limbs people are stuck to only one limb and thus is yoga vulgarised. In the US they now have doga... yoga for dogs. When people come for yoga with their pets, the pets are taught doga!

Meditation: Meditation has become a business with gimmicks, a job... telling people hold your nose, close your eyes, listen to music, dance or stand on one foot. Temporary suspension for 15-30 minutes is touted as meditation. If suspending your mind for half an hour is so good, what about the deep sleep that god has given? Forget god if you don't like god... in deep sleep any average person is suspended continuously for 7-8 hours. If seven hours of natural suspension doesn't enlighten you, how will 30 minutes of suspension do that?

Upcoming programmes at the Ashram are as follows:

Health Camp-Diabetes Management from 11-11-2008 to 16-11-2008
Self Knowledge Camp from 20-11-2008 to 30-11-2008
Deepam Camp from 08-12-2008 to 14-12-2008

Contact Information
Suddhananda Ashram
38 Girivalam Road
Tiruvannamalai 606604

Phone Number:


Most recent contact information for Swami Suddhananda is as follows:



3/143 V V V Salai
East Coast Road, Uthandi,
Chennai - 600 119, Tamilnadu, India.

Phone: +91 44 2453 0638/24530813

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