13 October 2008

Visit to the Shelter

Stopped by the local Animal Sanctuary to meet with Dr. Raju about my doggies and also to get up-to-date with whats happening -- but definitely don't need an excuse to go to the Shelter as I'm always happy to visit the ever growing animal family there. And one of the first doggies I met was this nice little fellow hiding in a large bundle of hay. It certainly seems like he's found a comfortable spot!

Oh my, this is sooo snuggy!

All through the Animal Shelter compound there are little hideaways and bamboo leaf huts for the animals. And in the below hut I found Lakshmi the cow.

She is around eight years old and proved to be a good mother and milker, sadly she damaged her leg and her owners sent her in her weak and injured condition to the slaughterhouse. The Animal Shelter intervened while the cow was in transit, appropriated her and brought her back to their facility.

Below is Leslie Robinson the founder of the Animal Sanctuary at Tiruvannamalai spending time with what has now become a BIG favourite of his - Lakshmi the cow.

Below a photograph of her damaged leg. It is expected that Lakshmi will stay at the shelter for several months and then move to a large farm facility some kilometres distant where she will live a life of ease and retirement -- and good for her after all the milk she has produced in this lifetime!

Couldn't leave the shelter without checking on my own favourite -- 'Baby' the monkey. Check out the March Posting to view photographs of the little monkey when she arrived at the Shelter and the improvement of her injuries and condition just five weeks later at this posting.

Little 'Baby' gets lots of time and spoiling at the shelter and in the below photograph she is preparing to eat her nice crunchy snack. She looks loved and contented - quite a change from the horrors she experienced at such a young age. Before the opening of the Animal Sanctuary at Tiruvannamalai there was no facility in the area that was either interested or capable of intervening in such cases. Now everyone in town knows that they can get help for their own animals or for any creature in distress or difficulty.


Veronica said...

When I was at Tiruvannamalai I visited the Shelter several times - they are doing wonderful work. I hope people donate like I did when visiting.

P Shanti said...

I live at Tiruvannamalai and can notice the improvement in the lives of street dogs. You recognise them because the shelter snips a notch in the dog's ear to show they had operation.

Divya said...

Great work they are doing! Thanks for the updates and the photos.