22 November 2008


This is the 1,000th post on Arunachala Grace Blog since it started in May, 2006. The BLOG ARCHIVE RESOURCE is at the left column of this page and filled with lots of interesting information and photographs about the extraordinary, amazing Arunachala.

As well as Arunachala Grace Blog, there is also the monthly newsletter -- Arunachala Grace News -- sent direct to the email inbox of (free) subscribers, the additional Blogs -- Arunachala Land, Arunachala Birds and the website Arunachala Samudram. Depending on the support of interested readers, I hope to extensively develop the website Arunachala Samudram in 2009 to include even more information on Arunachala, connected material, interactive features, a readers forum, videos and mp3 audios.

In the meantime thank you to all readers and to those who have made suggestions and sent information and particular thanks to those who support the development of Arunachala Grace Network through donations (PayPal is located at the left hand margin of this page).

At the top left corner of this Blog there is a 'contact' feature which I welcome readers to use. If you need help, information or suggestions about visiting Arunachala, where to visit or where to stay -- or WHATEVER, please get in touch.

Once again thanks for connecting with Arunachala through this resource and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one and all of us!


HeartArunachala said...

I have been a very regular reader of this excellent blog for the past few months since Arunachala had devoured my soul, exerting an unimaginable magnetic force on it. I came to Arunachala last week for the first time...and I will come back again and again.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Meenakshi Ammal - well done.