15 November 2008

Arunachala Grace Update

Some regular readers may have been wondering at the unaccustomed lack of recent postings on this Blog -- which is due mainly to my own recent ill health. However things are much better and hope to be posting regularly from now on -- particulary as the great Deepam Festival is almost upon us.

Even though I haven't been posting I do in fact have lots of interesting information to share. The most curious being the news of a visit of a group of four camels to Tiruvannamalai who have travelled from distant Rajasthan -- definitely hope to get some nice snaps of them soon.

Also work has started on the current Arunachala Grace Newsletter -- which will have lots of information on the legends and stories surrounding Deepam -- a Festival not only celebrated in Tiruvannamalai, but all around Tamil Nadu -- albeit with different stories and mythologies explaining the relevance of the Festival.


Tej said...

Get well soon! Just wanted to let you know that like many other regular readers your work is much appreciated.

PS: That's a very dreamy picture of a girl among the trees :)

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Thanks Tej for your kind words - feeling much better now. Lots of sun and you know how that pours energy in!!!

As to the photo of the girl (which I posted because its so sublime), it is in fact a recent photo taken by a European traveller -- however the photo in fact looks truly ancient!