16 November 2008

Puppies not Camels!

Today one of the local auto rickshaw drivers told me that he heard the camel driver had left Tiruvannamalai with his group of four camels. Big disappointment -- but then felt a sense of relief as I'm sure the working camels would have been in poor condition and the whole thing would have been just one big heartache. However on the subject of camels, I post below a fascinating photograph taken around 1908 of a very interesting travelling camel.

On the subject of animals glad to announce that this is puppy season in Tiruvannamalai, and there are lots of young puppies in all kinds of interesting places. Here is a brick kiln in a field (you can see the tip of Arunachala in the background) that is currently home to four very sweet young pups. I have been short cutting through the brick kiln area and am currently surrogate Mum to the little fellows - who have made a secure and fascinating home for themselves running through the chambers of the brick kiln.

Here they are hoping I have brought them milk -- and at the same time keeping a watchful interest in a couple of ladies peeping over a nearby wall checking out what was happening.

And now that they have reassured themselves that all is safe -- they are eager for their milk breakfast. There are in fact four puppies, with a shy one hiding in the back probably hoping I leave before all the milk is gone!

The very excellent local Animal Shelter has assured me that they will come and pick up the puppies and take them to their Sanctuary, where they will live until they are either old enough to fend for themselves or are adopted. Whatever happens they will be safe and well-fed and have the opportunity to put on weight, get strong and socialise with lots of other puppies. If you are visiting Tiruvannamalai and Ramana Nagar make a point of checking out the great work at the Animal Shelter which is currently home to a large number of dogs (some handicapped), Lakshmi the cow (who has had to have part of her back leg amputated but is mobile and very happy), an injured crow and a nice group of young monkeys.


Anonymous said...

Hi Meenakshi Ammal, with your own six dogs and now four surrogate puppies you are indeed becoming a Clan Mother. Well done.

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Its true, even though I have six of my own - I can't resist puppies - they have a direct route my heart. Puppy season is even better than Summer!