15 November 2008

Thiruvannamalai Movie Update

In Los Angeles, the movie district is known as ‘Hollywood,’ in Mumbai ‘Bollywood,’ and in Tamil Nadu the movie district (located at Chennai) is affectionately known as ‘Kollywood’.

In this respect the Kollywood drama entitled ‘Thiruvannamalai’, is eagerly awaited in these parts – especially as there are many shots of the Temple and Arunachala. The movie is currently in post production and will be ready for screening in the New Year, 2009. However due to compensation irregularities suffered after screening the Rajinikanth movie ‘Kuselan,’ the Tamil Film Exhibitors Association has announced that it will boycott all films distributed by ‘Pryamid Saimira’ which include Kavithalaya Production’s, ‘Thiruvannamalai’ and ‘Naan Kadavul’ with Arya. So unless the situation is regularised one may have to wait for sometime before being able to view the upcoming musical movie, ‘Thiruvannamalai’ in Tamil Nadu.

The below is a still from the movie to view several more shots from 'Thiruvannamalai,' go to this link HERE.

In the meantime the movie score of the movie is now complete and available online. To download Thiruvannamalai Mp3 songs (.zip format) which needs WinRAR/WinZip software for extraction, please go to this link HERE.

The songs are typical of a Kollywood musical – so probably will only be appreciated by young, musically fashionable Tamilians. There is not much in the way of spiritual inspiration in any of the songs – however they are loud and jolly. Included in the soundtrack are the following:

Adiyai - Udit Narayan, Suchithra
Emmaiyaalum - Shankar Mahadevan
Kaadai Kauthare - Senthil Dass, Renuka, Maghi
Namma Nadai - Pushpavanam Kupusami, Suchitra Raman
Siva Siva - Shankar Mahadevan

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