3 December 2008

Flag Hoisting Ceremony

The below photographs show preparations and festivities for 2008 Deepam.

After completion of the various preceding three days of functions:

Day One -- Sri Durgambal Utsavam
Day Two -- Sri Pidari Utsavam
Day Three -- Vignesvara Puja are complete

We begin Day One of Deepam 2008 with the flag hoisting ceremoney at Arunachaleswar Temple.

The Kotittaampam from koti “flag” and tanipam “pillar”, indicates the God or Goddess residing at that Temple. It is believed that as well as signalling the start of Temple functions, the flag hoisting ceremony represents:

“. . . indicates that the descended Kundalani Sakthy at Moolatharam of our spinal cord should rise to the head. The flag lowering ceremony indicates how this supreme consciousness descends down from the head to the body (Creation) and reaches the end of the spinal cord (Moolathatam).”

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