7 December 2008

Sparsa Tiruvannamalai update

Below are a sequence of new photographs of Sparsa Tiruvannamalai, the new eco-sensitive, luxury hotel. In the upcoming Arunachala Grace Newsletter I will be posting a narrative about the Hotel's introduction of a traditional Tamil ethnic element into the Hotel. But for now here are some photographs.

Guests to the Hotel are invited to take a bullock cart ride throughout the nearby area.

In the below photograph a local potter is fashioning traditionally styled implements used in home and kitchens. The Hotel encourages guests to 'try their hands' making pots under the tutelage of the expert potter.

The Hotel is decorated throughout with reminders of Tamil history and culture. Below are figurines of Tamil musicians.

Below a photograph of one of the bedrooms fitted with a king-size bed at Sparsa Restort Hotel.

The dining room is now complete and welcomes customers who are staying outside the Hotel.

In the evenings the Hotel offers a variety of musical programmes.

Very nice photographs of dusk and evening at the Hotel.

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