14 January 2009

Arunachala Grace News -- January 2009

The latest issue of Arunachala Grace News, the free Newsletter delivered straight to subscriber's email inbox, was sent out several days ago. The issue included a report on Deepam 2008, a narrative on the origins of Deepam, an article by Virginia Lee entitled 'A Women's Pilgrimage to Arunachala,' which describes the visit of eight ladies to Tiruvannamalai in November, 2008, a description of a bird commonly found throughout this area i.e. the Fork-Tailed Black Kite and the medicinal and ayurvedic properties of Wrightia Tinctoria, also known as the 'Snowflake Tree.'

As well as many narratives the current issue of Arunachala Grace News also includes anecdotes by Anthony Mello, the story of the famed archer Ekalavya, a report on the new luxury Sparsa Tiruvannamalai resort hotel, and a section dedicated to Arunachala Tidbits.

If you are not yet a subscriber, please check out the facility at the left hand column of this page and become a free subscriber, and you will automatically receive a copy of the current issue of this Newsletter.


Anonymous said...

Just finished reading this month's Newsletter, its great - so much information - and it looks so nice too.

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Thanks for the 'thumbs up,' remarks on the Newsletter - its a nice feeling to see it go out to subscribers from countries all over the world.