3 January 2009

From Then to Now

Good Luck and Best Wishes in 2009

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To welcome all visitors and readers to Arunachala Grace in 2009, I am posting photographs of Arunachaleswarar Temple; taken from a distance in 1949 and the second photograph was taken December 11, 2008 -- the morning of Bharani Deepam.

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Claire Dawn said...

Wonderful, wonderful photographs. Thanks for making them available.

Tejvan said...

Beautiful photos!
I wonder how the temple will look like in 2050?
Just hope skyscrapers dont obstruct this beautiful view.

Meenakshi Ammal said...

In an Affidavit of Thiruvannamalai Municipality of 30th June, 2005, it was stated that:

"In addition G.O. Ms. No.22 (MAWS) issued by the Government of Tamil Nadu on 30.01.1997 restricts the height of all buildings to be constructed within one kilometre of the temple wall to a height of 9 metres."

So thats a little encouraging!