25 January 2009

Siva Sannidhi Accommodation Facility

Siva Sannidhi is an accommodation facility started up by Arunachala devotees from Andhra Pradesh. In total there are sixty-two rooms all with attached Western style bathroom. It was opened in time for this current season. Siva Sannidhi is located across the street from the Ramana Nagar house Yogi Ramsuratkumar lived in before shifting to his Ashram -- which is situated a five minutes easy walk away. In addition this devotional facility is only two minutes from both Ramana Ashram and Seshadri Ashram so very convenient to those who wish to spend time at those places.

The below photograph, of a mural of Shiva as mendicant receiving food, is located on one of the dining room walls. Lunch, dinner and beverages are served twice a day.

And from the roof a close and good darshan of Arunachala.

Siva Sannidhi is run by good people and is a safe and protected haven for devotees and 'quiet' visitors.

For an update of the facilities at Siva Sannidhi, read my latest posting made in November 2012 about the completion of the new, modern annexe at this link here.
For those who wish to make room reservations or enquire about Retreat facilities please get in touch at the contact address located at the top left corner of this page.


Anonymous said...

They are providing very good accomidation and good food.
It's a good place to stay.

Anonymous said...

We people went to this place many times from Chennai. They are giving good accomidation and good food.

Even though all rooms are full. Still with our request they are providng Nice Mats and pillos to stay overthere. Staff are very good over there. Very helping nature.

It's a very nice palce to stay.

Lashmana Murthy

Anonymous said...

Nice palce to stay Nice accomidation and Nice people.
Good place to stay.I like this palace a Lottttttttttttt.


Anonymous said...

Chala manchi place. Food chala bavundi. Akka employers andaru kuda chala manchi varu.
Chala helping nature.Food kuda evariki entha kavalisthe antha adigi peduthunnaru.

We are very happy to stay over there.


Snobby SydneySider said...

Thankyou so much for informing us about this place. I stayed here and had a wonderful darshan!

Anonymous said...

can anyone please post the email id to enquire on the availability of the rooms.

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Send an email to me address top left column of Arunachala Grace and I will send you mobile contact numbers for the manager of Siva Sannidhi.

Anonymous said...

sorry, i didn't gei email id. plese tell me the email id and tell about charges detailes.

Meenakshi Ammal said...

For queries and/or reservations please call Siva Sannidhi on their land line at (0)4175-235089 or the manager Mr. Ramakrishna on his mobile at (0)9789378779.

Unknown said...

Hi Can any one let me know the cost per person in Siva sanidhi

Unknown said...

Nice and neat. A very good place to stay..calm serene...I am happy


Ippudu donation batti istunnaru.
Nenu 12-nov-2017 na vella.

Bad experience. Vaallu adige donation amount ki meeku manchi room temple ki daggaralone dorukutundi.

Don't prefer siva sannidhi