16 February 2009

Rajarajeshwari Temple Homam

I previously mentioned the very nice hill round girivalam performed by bullock cart last Tuesday, February 10th by a group from France. This same group of 18 members escorted by Dominique Vincent and his companion Rahina, also sponsored a very beautiful Sri Chakra Homam at the Rajarajeshwari Temple on the evening before their departure. The Group is currently at Varanasi on the second stage of their Indian visit.

Even though the Group was not able to remain for the actual Homam at the Temple, they were able to participate in the Sankalpam and view the elaborate and beautiful preparations that had been made for this powerful Homam.

Below is the Temple's exquisite Sri Meru Chakra upon which abishekam will be performed after the Homam.

Some fresh, young sugar cane arrives for the Goddess.

And so it starts.


Anonymous said...

How much money spending for Idols,not even one meal for Beggers

Senthil Kumar sundarapandian said...

Daily food is served in that temple for beggars and sanyasis !!!!even for cows, dogs etc....chapatis and dosa with delicious korma were also served free as prasadam for poor people
, beggars and sanyasis...

Thanks to the trustee...and priest for there dedicatedv service